In the splendid setting of the Lu Stazzu restaurant, overlooking the Gulf of Porto Rotondo,  you can sample the finest Sardinian specialities as you take in the magnificent views from the veranda.

The restaurant's extensive menu offers the finest Sardinian cheeses, entrees including gnocchi, ravioli and callurgiones, and exquisite main dishes of pork from suckling pig, all accompanied by the superb Sardinian red wine, Cannonau.

And to round off your meal, enjoy a the sweetness of sebadas with honey accompanied by a full-bodied mirto, the typical Sardinian liqueur made from the berries of the myrtle plant.

Our menu

• Sardinian pecorino cheese
• Smoked ricotta
• Seasoned Sardinian sausage
• Roasted Sardinian sausage

• Ricotta-filled ravioli with tomato and basil sauce
• Cullurgiones with butter and sage
• Sardinian gnocchi with tomato and sausage sauce

Main courses:
• Suckling pig on the spit
• Roast sausage

• Crudités with oil dip

And to round off a lunch or dinner:
• homemade desserts: seadas with Sardinian honey - ricotta with Sardinian honey
• seasonal fruit
• coffee - mirto - limoncello - fil'e ferru

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